Iskérka, sociální centrum denních aktivit

Centrum na podporu duševního zdraví - Rožnov pod Radhoštěm


Social rehabilitation
  • individual sessions – systematic planning of the client’s daily routine, training of social and cognitive abilities and of self-regulation techniques
  • support in finding a job

Open: daily 8 am-2 pm

  • this service is free of charge
  • we require a recommendation letter from a psychologist or psychiatrist
Work therapy workshop
  • stimulating the formation and development of basic work habits
Textile workshop: hand workshop specialising on old textile techniques, weaving, knitting, crochet and manufacturing small objects
sowing workshop: practising of sowing, repairing clothes, manufacturing small objects

Book workshop: wrapping-up books in plastic foil, manufacturing bookmarks, press printing
training kitchen: practising cooking – learning of new skills, raising self-sufficiency
Free time activities
  • English lessons for beginners and intermediate students
  • Computer lessons
  • Memory training
  • Keeping fit – exercise sessions, swimming, walks in the countryside, rehabilitation massage
  • Other activities together – outings, bowling
Group psychotherapy
  • Once in 2 weeks under the guidance of a clinical psychologist
Psycho education
  • Training skills necessary for good management of a mental health condition
Spiritual support
  • Is linked with the social and psychological support – according to the client’s wishes, there is a possibility to arrange individual meetings with a priest